Patricia Allison

I was born in Houston Texas into a family of dysfunctional love. My parents loved me as best they knew how. I never felt unloved are afraid to speak what was on my mind. I lived very prudent, never went hungry, or without a roof over my head.  I also lived with my grandparents back and forth until I was fourteen.

I graduated at sixteen from Furr High School, went to work at Industrial State bank and moved into my own place at eighteen. I married Homer Floyd Allison at nineteen and we had 4 children before I was 26. I was fortunate to be a stay at home wife and mom. We designed the floorplan for our first home and moved to Spring Tx. in 1973.  By this time the dysfunction from my childhood and Floyd’s began to mimic imperfect, unhealthy love in our family.

The truth was, I was living my life separated from God’s will. I went to church regularly, I was an active community leader, CCE teacher, Girl Scout leader, soccer coach, married woman with three beautiful children, unfaithful wife, sinner in need of forgiveness and mercy. I wanted a divorce, I wanted out of the marriage.

Dec. 1975 I wanted out of the prison I was living in. I had recreated my childhood and my kids were now living in a family of dysfunctional love. I was seeing a psychiatrist at the time and realized I had a choice. I needed to face my fears and make a decision that would determine my destiny. January 14, 1976 I told Floyd we needed to separate and get help to resolve our religious differences and beliefs before our marriage could be reconciled. Click Psalm 40 to learn more.

I have come to believe and know, “Unless I can be true to myself first, I cannot be true to others.” To thine own self be true … How many of us have a hard time being true to ourselves? Those of us that have given our life to another at the cost of losing who we are in the process will have a hard time being true to ourselves. Allowing someone or something else to define who we are, we lose our ability to discover and grow inwardly. We no longer are able to discern a truth from a lie. For many of us, we have accepted lies for so long, that finding out what is true takes time. Having done this very thing, I know how difficult the journey to self-discovery can be. When you’re ready to change your life, you will!

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