NLC has a mission to reach all God’s children seeking new life and hope for their future. We strive to do this by studying and modeling the lessons and life experiences of (St Francis of Assisi) and (Mother Theresa of Calcutta)


What are the benefits of the NLC Process and our Vision Statement?

The answer to the needs of society at every level is to live by the golden rule. Love God with all our heart, and love your neighbors as you love yourself. Love is the greatest of all gifts. God is love. John 3:16, invites you and me to respond to the Fathers free gift of love, mercy and grace through Christ Jesus resurrection life and power that awaits all that sincerely seek after the truth. It is our hearts desire to share with others Gods love and mercy through our own personal experience with God’s grace into every level of society. Our purpose is a serious formation for life and for mission.

76044_10200884696346322_60516683_nBy going through the NLC Training, given by those who went through the Formation Leadership Training at CCC (the coordinators and facilitators acquire a zeal to bring the truth into every level of society — into the market place: the educational, political, governmental, technological, medical, recreational, and communicational levels of society– in other words, into all aspects of societal life. This is the call of Pope Paul VI to the universal Church in his Apostolic Exhortation, Evangelization in the Modern World. This is what NLC Evangelization Process brings about through the spiritual formation it offers.

We not only evangelize but we provide follow-up opportunities where ongoing spiritual growth formation, transformation, encouragement, supports and nurturing take place. We offer spiritual direction, inner healing soaking prayer sessions, and counselors to access your gifts and talents, strengths and weaknesses through the Called & Gifted program.

What is the fruit to Street Saints & Supportive Organizations?

The inner city and urban surrounding communities are gradually transformed into an evangelizing community through the networking of inner city street saints, supportive organizations and support programs whose very reason for existence is to evangelize. Evangelization calls forth the leadership and commitment of the people. Through NLC the volunteers begins to take a real personal Christian care for one another as they reach out and bring good news to the people in the community; inviting those they initially mentored into their small groups where ongoing growth and transformation takes place. The Street Saints works in collaboration with the leadership of supportive organizations to bring this about.

Supportive Organizations:

Join our mission and vision of NLC, host inner city urban music groups: Concerts in the Park.

Learn more about the Street Ministries and the supportive organizations listed here:

  • Catholic Charities Support Groups
  • Work Faith Connection
  • Breaking Bread Ministry
  • CROSS Ministry
  • HIS Disciples Cooking Ministry
  • Loaves and Fishes
  • Magnificat House
  • Urban Harvest Garden Projects
  • Do Crew – Truth Tour
  • Healing Hands Ranch
  • The Dream Center